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man and woman tug of war to see who is correct

Who’s Way is Best

The way we want to do something is a result of our upbringing. We’re convinced we are doing it the best way because that is how we were taught to do it.

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mans hand with puzzle piece and womans hand with puzzle piece together making a heart puzzle

Compromise in Marriage

Some people think compromise in marriage is just like options one and two, but it’s really not. It isn’t a lose-lose situation, instead it’s a way for both you and your spouse to come to a greater understanding. The trick is knowing how to do it right.

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happy couple at home watching tv together

Are you and your spouse different?

Did you know how the brains of men and women are different? You may not have know this, but there have been extensive studies done to verify just how different men and women’s brains are.

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