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Marriage and Family Initiative (MFI) located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was founded in 2017 to help strengthen marriages and families through seminars, retreats, workshops and conferences, and also initiating marriage enrichment programs with local churches and communities.

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Every thing we do is based on Biblical principles. Our pro-family organization supports, encourages and strengthens families by targeting relational health within the home.

The strength of a society lies not in its achievements or even its lofty ideals. The strength lies in the healthiness of its families, the most basic building-block of society.  Yet there are incredible pressures being placed upon the home.

The breakdown of marriage and families in our nation is at a critical stage.

The need to provide couples and families with successful Biblical principles that will build healthy relationships and stable marriages is greater than ever.  Our mission is to be a part of seeing families strengthened and future generations impacted – helping to change family legacies.

Marriage is under attack in our country, and we truly believe that so many of the challenges facing our society like crime, poverty, violence and education can be addressed by strengthening families. Strong families begin with a healthy marriage.  Join us in taking a stand for marriage!

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